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Photographers and videographers

We are two, two different visions, with a natural and simple photography style, which complement each other to create a magical symbiosis.

We work with the hope of creating something unique and personalized for you.    
Faced with the standardized, we flee from the posed, seeking to capture the moments of complicity and make ourselves invisible among the guests.

For all this to flow, personal treatment, simplicity and complicity are essential. We are convinced that this is the only way to ensure that our work reaches you inside and makes you fall in love.

marta and jose angel

Our philosophy

This studio was born with the hope of creating something different among the standardized things that surround us, with the conviction that personal treatment, simplicity and happiness should be captured in photographic memories without excesses. We are convinced that it is the only way for it to reach us and last even without the need to look at it again.

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